Give Us This Day….

Ah, Paris….
One thing I can say about Los Angeles; it isn’t Paris (heavy sigh)

strolling with a baguette
The best thing about travelling to a favorite destination is bringing bits of that place home to incorporate into your day to day life. It could mean redecorating my apartment with touches here and there. Or it could be simplifying my makeup routine so that I wear nothing more than a swipe of Chanel red lipstick. A couple of nights ago I came home hungry enough to eat a bear. It was late and I was desperate for something to eat. What did I do? I made an omelet! 
Laugh if you want but it struck me as a perfectly french thing to do. There are things I did in Paris that I don’t do here at home. But what the heck, there’s no time like the present. Besides, I think Los Angeles could do with a little Parisian flair. Tomorrow I’ll try walking down the street with a baguette.

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