New York Paris

New York Accent

There are a lot of New Yorkers living in Los Angeles and I’m one of them.
A few years ago, I decided it was time for a change and Los Angeles was it. The weather can’t be beat no matter how plastic my surroundings (implants anyone?).
New York is a very real city with an energy that is intoxicating and the same can be said about Paris and to me Paris is New York in French.
Here it is, a mere six weeks since I departed the City of Light and I am already plotting my return. I thought I would return sometime next year; but why put off ’til tomorrow…
There are other cities around the world that I want to visit. I’ve never been to Florence and I’d love to travel to Istanbul; but Paris is something different. Paris is a city where I can be absolutely alone and not feel out of place. I like the luxury of sitting alone at a cafe for a couple of hours without being rushed out by the waitstaff. I like being alone in Paris as much as I liked being alone in New York. I had to move to Los Angeles to realize how good I had it.
Paris is about walking in and talking with the past. So what if my french grammar is limited; my accent is spot on, baby. I firmly believe, it’s not what you say; but how you say it. N’est-ce pas?

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