Let There Be Light

Paris can be either sunny or gray; but at night she glows.
In a strange way Paris is a metaphor for me.
My personality characteristics are as varied as my favorite city and this similarity has only recently become apparent to me.
Yes, I do glow at night but it’s not what you might think. I don’t mean that I glow in the party-girl sense. That has never been me. I mean, simply that my imagination comes alive.
My mind is sharper, my dreams are clearer, my sense of myself becomes absolute.

After the most difficult of days, time and again, the night has brought me peace, clarity and illumination. I hope this will always be the case for however long I am allowed to walk this earth.

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  1. MACa6325xi says:

    Hi Cynthia, I am enjoying your blog. I wish I could take a trip to Paris. I really need a vacation. Cynthia


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