Sweet Inspiration

I was struck by a strong desire to bake something sweet today. I’m not entirely certain why. In any case, I have chocolate chip with pecan as well as peanut butter cookie doughs chilling in the fridge. I’ll bake those tomorrow evening. If that isn’t enough, I have a lemon apricot tart cooling on the kitchen counter. It’s my first time making the tart so I hope it’s tasty.

I have never been much into baking. I think it’s because I prefer to just throw things together. You can do that when cooking. All you have to do is blend flavors; to me it’s foolproof.
Baking is a different story; it’s so precise. One false move and your crying over a pathetic souffle.

The tart smells so wonderful as it’s cooling. I’m already proud of it and I haven’t tasted it yet. Which brings me to what might make baking better than cooking. Bakers really don’t get to sample as they bake. Cooking is all about tasting.
Oh, the calories! When I start baking my own baguettes, watch out.

all the necessary ingredients

peanut butter cookie dough

chocolate chip & pecan cookie dough
just the crust!!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    OMG!! Looks amazing!


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