Keep It Simple

I think I gave friends the wrong impression when I informed them that I was determined to drop some weight. I say this because they seem to think I meant I was willing to live on green leaves, nuts and berries.

Needless to say, that was never my intention. I still believe in a hearty meal; even when I sit down to a vegan lunch. In the interest of disclosure, I must say I have been considering a raw food diet. I like the concept but I know I would be impossible to be around after the first day. But, I figure it might be a good thing for one or two meals a day.

 I hate when something as enjoyable as eating becomes complicated because of caloric considerations. I say, eat the damned bread. It shouldn’t be so hard.

But I just don’t know…

non-dairy tomato soup

mesclun with lemon vinaigrette

fresh squeezed lemonade

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