Market Day…L.A. (pt.1)

I have it from reliable sources that Paris has had a not so fantastic summer, on the weather front. It has been tres mal as they say.

This knowledge has filled me with more than my usual bit of arrogance as I spend yet another day in the glorious Los Angeles sunshine.
I’ve not counted, but if I said it hasn’t rained in at least four months no one would call me a liar. It is dry as a bone in the land of Disney and I’m glad about it. Yesterday was perfect for a hike, and today, well today I walked to the market to buy some happy treats.

That’s when it happened. I found myself transported. Am I really in L.A. or has my longing for France allowed me to access a secret portal to Paris?
Whatever it was; it wasn’t a bad deal. No jet lag, no customs; not a bad deal at all.

And at the end a crusty baguette….

I had two sneak a taste of these olives

so ripe

be still my macaron heart

 I got the tomme de savoire

my pick of the day

hawaiian shirt guy got his crepe to go

baguette with quince and taleggio..yum

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