Postcards From The Edge..of paradise

I love modern technology. Be it Facebook or Skype, I can connect with everyone I want to with minimal effort.

But it all comes at a cost. I’m a tactile person, I like having cards and letters to read and re-read. It’s all for the best I suppose since I suspect I would be the one doing all of the letter writing. I can imagine myself waiting by the mailbox for a letter from a dear sister-friend, only to be disappointed.
It’s a sad thing to admit, but I don’t have the addresses of most of the people I know. We don’t share this sort of info anymore.
It seems so weird that the world I grew up in and the world I navigate as an adult are so different when it comes to inter-personal communication. It’s an “in-box me” world I’m living in and I don’t always like it. Erykah Badu sings about being “an analog girl in a digital world”.
I’m with her on that!

It might sound strange , but I sent myself a postcard from Paris. It really put a smile on my face when I returned to Los Angeles and found it in the pile of mail that had accumulated. Call me crazy, I don’t care.
Maybe next time I can send a postcard that reads “someone in Paris loves me”.

I’m smiling already.

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