Highs and Lows

It’s happening again.
I’ve got the Paris blues. Well, I always have the Paris blues but today’s bout has been particularly intense.
I’m not certain why.
Maybe it’s because I spent a glorious Sourthern California day holed up in my apartment writing. Or, maybe it’s because for the past two or three hours, while writing, the distinct aroma of my neighbor’s marijuana has invaded my faculties.
If I should happen to consume the chocolate ganache in my freezer (unthawed) tonight, I’ll have my answer. Especially since said ganache has been in my freezer for a year!
In Paris every pharmacy is recognizable at a distance by the big green crosses out front. Here in Los Angeles a big green cross signifies a marijuana dispensary.
I wonder if marijuana is legal in Paris. I remember passing an herbologist shop in the Marais.
Mmmmm, just wondering….

Legal in L.A

Paris goes natural


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