J’adore….The Bagel Broker

I know I ragg on Los Angeles alot; I can’t help it. How else do I prove my loyalty to the city of my birth?The city that I fled so hastily, nine years ago. Every New Yorker living in Los Angeles feels an overwhelming obligation to make it clear that they are only in LA for the weather. Goodness knows LA is a one-horse town. It’s all about the entertainment industry and that’s it. There is no culture here, we say. This city is built on the promise of sunshine and silicone.
And you can’t get a decent bagel!
But wait, scratch that…maybe there is hope for this town.
The Bagel Broker on Beverly Boulevard is like a port in a storm.
Is it possible that if I moved back to New York I would long for these bagels?
A better question is…
Where in Paris can I get bagels this good?
I mean a bagel is a New Yorkers baguette.

a line out the door

warm n’ steamy!

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