V…is for Vegan

It should be stated that there is no law prohibiting the consumption of vanilla chocolate and brownie ice cream for breakfast. I don’t know exactly why this particular combination of flavors is called Moose Track, but it is.

The pure frenzy of the Thanksgiving holiday has unnerved me . So much so that I threw away a lovely roast chicken.
I’d eaten a leg, one wing, and a sliver of the breast meat. At that moment I recalled a documentary I’d viewed earlier this week about where food comes from and I could not eat another bite. I’m a typical American. I believe my meat comes nicely packaged from the local Whole Foods market. Leave it to the Oprah Winfrey Network to jack my dinner.
Then, as if the universe were plotting against me, there was a CNN report about pure vegan diets. It featured an interview with former President Bill Clinton and mentioned all of the rich, powerful, highly intelligent people that were vegan. Did I mention that they all happened to be men?
Just like that, I felt like a slug.
I suppose in a few weeks I’ll be back to normal, but for the immediate future it’s veggies and whole grain all the way.
Maybe my ice cream binge was a way of freezing my palate, as one would a wart. In any case, ice cream is not a vegetable, so there’ll be none of that…til further notice.

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