(Vegan) Reading Is Fundamental

My trainer is anti-veganism and anti-vegetarianism. She is concerned that I will not get adequate protein on a vegan plan, even for a short period. She also doesn’t believe I can go without cheese for more than a few weeks. I must admit she had me there.
With her sage advice in mind, I’ve come up with a compromise. I’ve decided to be a five-day-a-week vegan. This way I’ll be able to continue my love affair with fish, particularly salmon.
Believe it or not, I once belonged to a cookbook club…yikes!
I have quite a collection of cookbooks; thai, french, italian, chinese, vegetarian, vegan, raw. I have a cookbook for every need.
Anyway, it really isn’t that complicated; it’s just that I’m not eating enough veggies and grains. This way, I’ll be more focused about what’s going into my mouth.
Of course, I’m always focused when its cheese. But that’s another story.

light reading

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