Pistou for the Soul

I’ve been in a bit of a year-end funk, I’m sorry to admit. Too much work and not enough play makes me a very crusty girl.
Maurice Chevalier was greatful for the little girls who would become women. This girl/woman is thanking heaven for heaping bowls of joy inducing soup.
Soup is my favorite thing and Pistou is my favorite soup. Pistou is just vegetable soup. Tres francaise. Any who, I have come to the conclusion that a bowl of soup really is the perfect meal. I know this soup kick of mine can seem a bit redundant but I must say it’s the best. I’m never hungry and I’ve lost a few pounds.
What more can a girl want?

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  1. kbh says:

    How do you make it?? What's the recipe??


  2. Pistou is really just a vegetable soup. It's very simple and perfect on a cold day. Of course, I highly recommend serving with crusty bread.1 onion, chopped2-3 TBLSP olive oil1 15oz can white beans,drained (cannellini or great northern)2 large carrots (diced)2 russet potatoes3 small zucchini or 3 leeks (I don't usually use both)1 15oz can tomatoes 3 (or more) garlic cloves, crushed…I love lots of garlic!1-2 TBLSP chopped fresh basil or 1 1/2 teasp dried basilsalt and fresh ground pepper (I prefer truffle salts)1 quart light vegetable stock2 ozs tiny pasta (like orzo or shapes)In a large saucepan saute onion in the oil…about 5 minutes,add garlic for one minute, then add beans, veggies, basil (if using dried), salt & pepper to taste. Cook 5-6 minutes. Add stock, cover and simmer 20-30 minutes. Add pasta and continue cooking 10 minutes. If using fresh basil, add now. Check seasoning. Bon appetit.Note: I'm too lazy to soak and cook dried beans but if you do use around 2/3 cup.Let me know how you like it.Cynthia


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