Bowled Over

True story.

I was at one of my favorite spots Le Pain Quotidien.
 I sat at the communal table and considered my options on the menu. My server suggested the turkey chili because in her words it was amazing. Of course in a place like Beverly Hills, I’ve heard that superlative to describe shoes, manicures and pilates instructors.
So I ordered a cup of broccoli soup. I love their broccoli soup, I’ve had it on several occasions and it has never let me down.
And besides I don’t usually take menu tips from someone weighing less than my right thigh.

At that moment, the couple seated across from me at the same table were served.
Bowls of something rich in color and incredible in aroma were placed before them. They both practically dove head first into the bowls. There was no conversation between them; no casual chatter. Nothing. They actually closed their eyes with each spoonful. I felt as though I were peeking into their bedroom window.
Of course I felt compelled to ask what they were eating. You know the answer. The most amazing turkey chili.

I called my server over.
This is when I noticed that for all her slimness, she was on the hippy side. All was forgiven!
 I cancelled the cup of broccoli soup and went whole hog for a bowl of turkey chili.



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