The First Time

I don’t consider myself a cry-baby , when it comes to physical pain. I come from a stiff upper lip tradition and have always been proud of it.
I have friends that run to the doctor the minute they feel a sneeze coming. I think its important that they pay attention to their bodies the way they do but come on.

incense for relaxation

They run from medical doctors to therapists and they always have to talk about it. They talk about their ailments, their visits to the doctor and their therapy sessions.
I have but so much empathy to give and very little for people that turn a simple mosquito bite into a case of malaria.

But for the better part of six months I have had shoulder pain. First the right, then the left.  My neck is stiff and my elbows ache. My muscles are tight and my temper is short.
Its arthritis, its stress, its fibromyalgia, its multiple sclerosis. I’ve heard it all.
Today I reached my limit.
Today I did something I’ve never done and never thought I’d do.
With a referral from a good friend, I met with an acupuncturist. I have nothing against acupuncture. Its just that I tend to like and agree with things in theory, seldom in practice. I see the value of any holistic treatment and I have a great many friends who have been renewed through a variety of practices.
I guess I thought they were just more self indulgent.
The result:
The verdict:
Self indulgence be damned, I’m going back next week!

tools of the trade

a little ambiance

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