What’s Eating Me

Why are we most hurt by the ones we love?
The horrific virus that I am finally almost free of has lead me to an unexpected but not unfamiliar place. There is nothing like a respiratory infection to make a cheese, bread and something sweet lover run for the hills.
In this case the hills would be the all-vegan food stuffs at Whole Foods. It had to be kismet because I don’t recall making the decision to go vegan. But after a few anxiety filled days and restless nights spent breathing entirely through my mouth, my subconscious clearly has taken over.
The fact that I’ve spent two weeks hacking up possible remnants of every succulent bit of cheese that I consumed over the past six months and every divine crust of bread has lead me to the vegan corner.

I don’t get sick often and it has been at least a dozen years since I’ve been this sick so I’m taking this little food detour seriously. That is until, I feel well enough to not be frightened from the mere sight  of a Snickers bar.

But, then again maybe this is a case of the chickens coming home to roost. I can no longer ignore the effect certain food combinations have had on me. So I’ve made the decision to eat as clean as possible.
What I can immediately report is that after eating a plate of rice pasta, I don’t feel the need to lay down for a five hour nap.
And in case anyone is wondering, gluten-free pizza crust topped with pizza sauce, vegan sausage, and dairy-free cheese is damn good.
Even if this is not a permanent change, there is something to be said for giving my system a much needed rest.
With that, I’ll take things one meal at a time.

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