Real Food Daily

It’s nice to have time to think about food.

What I mean is, it’s nice to be able to consider what one will eat.

I find that I need to know what I want to eat and where I’m going to eat.

What do I want today?

I was raised almost exclusively on fish.

So why do I crave meat?

I have a few friends that are real “foodies” and its always a hoot grabbing a bite to eat with one of them.

But, then there are the friends for whom food is a threat.

They ruin it for me every time, without fail.

They remind me of my lack of discipline.

But guess what? I ‘m more fun to be around.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the old rule is the best rule.

Everything in moderation.

You want bread? Have a little bread; but only the best.

You want cheese? Have a little cheese; again, only the best.

Having veggies? Roasted, please, with oil-infused herbs.

So, yeah, I fell off the soy-organic-(kinda)-vegan-wagon.

I landed on my feet.

My criteria now?

Make it fresh.

Make it real.

Make it good.

I’ll still have my gluten-free, dairy free pizza. my brown rice, and my favorite almond milk.

But a rib-eye is welcome any time.

That’s what I call a balanced diet.

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