Got Juice?

I’ve pulled myself back up onto the health and wellness wagon.
And it tastes really, really good.
I’ve been drinking most of my meals and I must admit something. It’s much easier on the digestive system.
I would say seventy percent of what I consume is raw vegetarian. I didn’t do this so I can get into a bikini. I did it for what for me is a more practical reason. My health.
My thinking is this could help aleviate the inflammation in my shoulders. I’ll try anything to keep my doctor from booking an operating room.
Along with physical therapy and acupuncture,  I am much better than I was a year ago.
Am I vegetarian?
Am I vegan?
Not exactly.
Last week I had a bowl of chicken vegetable soup, homemade by my neighbor.
Last week I also bought a wedge of Danish Fontina cheese.
You knew I would.

Its the little things.

carrots, tomatoes, spinach, beets, parsley, celery

trust me, it gets prettier

who needs V-8?

warm comfort

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