Meet Me In Ile St. Louis

Today I stumbled upon a video I recorded of myself two years ago, while in Paris. I’d made several video diary recordings during that trip and I thought I’d downloaded them all onto my computer. But there were two recordings that were never downloaded. The funny thing is I remember making those videos and I remember speaking the words I spoke on those videos. And those words are as true today as they were two years ago.
It’s interesting to get a glimpse of your past self when you’re not expecting it. And its nice knowing that the little point & shoot recorder I used two years ago held my video safely. I was so absolutely happy and content on that video and it was all because I was in Paris. The timing is perfect since I will soon be in Paris again. And I can’t wait.
The universe is definitely speaking to me.
I’ve been thinking a great deal about my life and what my next move should be. I told  myself a couple of years ago that I would be interested in two particular positions at the company where I work, if those positions became available. Guess what? Both positions came available over the past  year and I turned my back on both. I want no part of them and I’ve decided they are not for me. I am no longer interested. 
Screw that!
 I want something more.
I want to live my best life and for me that means doing what my heart tells me to do.
I looked at that video today and I saw somebody I recognized. I saw somebody who was exactly where she wanted to be.
I can’t wait to see her again.

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