Is There A Cure?

I think it might be time for me to admit something. I might have a problem.
I’ve turned into a girly-girl.
I have spent years putting on my makeup with a light hand. Never too much, just enough to accent my features.
But, now I want more. I find myself in the makeup aisle whenever I’m at CVS and I won’t leave until I find that perfect nude, or red, or pink (OMG!) lipstick.
I almost cried when a salesman at Neiman Marcus told me my favorite Nars Kenya lip liner was discontinued. My eyes actually started welling up with water! He had an unused tester and I wanted to kiss him when he gave it to me.
Yesterday I bought an incredible lip liner from Saks Fifth Avenue only to come home and discover that I already had that color. My former self surely would return it but my present self is keeping it.
Last month, while in Paris I spent 30 euros on a lip gloss. That’s THIRTY euros!!
And the kicker is, its my favorite lip gloss and instead of wishing it were cheaper, I’m wishing I’d bought two.
Things have gotten so bad that I’ve had to move my makeup station out of the bathroom and onto an actual vanity table in my bedroom.
I’ve bought more brushes, more eye shadows and more mascaras.
I used to wait until I ran out of mascara to buy a new tube. Now I have lash moods. Sometimes I want thick, sometimes I want long & lush, sometimes I want separation. What the hell!!
I think this started last summer when I bought two sets of lashes for no reason at all because I haven’t worn them yet.
Now I’m trapped.
I’m a makeup junkie!
Why is this happening?

Possibility #1

A lot of the women I know are married with children and as such, are acting like old work horses. This scares me more than a bit and perhaps I’m going ultra femme in an attempt to counteract the contamination.

Possibility #2
I am experiencing a mid-life crisis and have regressed to my teen years.

Possibility #3
I’ve decided a little vanity is good for the soul.

Possibility #4
RuPaul has finally forced my hand, dammit!

Possibility #5
All of the above

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