Say Cheese

I’ve had to take a step back from my most beloved of indulgences. 
As much as I love bread, and I do love bread. My real and true love is cheese. there is hardly a thing that I can think of that I would not do for a fine bit of cheese. I don’t know what it is but I find cheese incredibly soothing. I prefer the nutty varieties. But if the texture is right I am usually satisfied by the taste.
There once was a restaurant in my neighborhood that offered wine and cheese pairings at the bar. On more than one occasion, I stopped in after a rough day for a nibble. None of my friends believe me but wine, cheese and a black olive tapanade is a wonderful way to end a day. 
I tasted my last bit of cheese when I answered the call of the diablo burrito. Of course, that contained some sort of processed cheese. Nothing to be mistaken for the likes of Cammembert, Tomme de Savoire and Taleggio but it was cheese nonetheless. Or, so I was willing to believe.
It is my great misfortune to have a preference for a food that produces incredible mucus. It’s just not fair but still, I intend on getting through the rest of this year without ingesting a bite of the sacred curd.
Between now and the dawn of 2015 I will either not give a thought to my great addiction or I will relentlessly stalk the refrigerated case at my local  fromagerie. I can see myself with my face pressed against the glass, a dreamy look in my eye and my mouth filling with water.
Something to look forward to.

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