Who Needs Cheese

I have a new gastronomic obsession.
I never thought I would live to see the day but something has become as dear to me as the beloved curd.
I am unable to go a day without it.
So good.
So fresh.
So hot.
….and oh so spicy.
The best part is I can whip up a big bowlful of salsa in a few minutes with just a few ingredients.
I never knew I could love garlic so much!
I have recommitted myself to healthy eating and so far it has been a breeze. The real challenge is thinking about what to eat but when I keep it simple, its all good.
My goal isn’t weight loss. Although I have lost weight over the past 18 months by making better food choices.
My goal is to slow the aging process. I know how my body feels when I eat certain foods. And I must admit that after consuming cheese my insides are none too happy with me.
I am not a person with the discipline to eat one or two bites of cheese, one tiny piece of chocolate, one forkful of pasta
I wish I could be that person because the fifth or sixth bite of decadence is never as good as the first.

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