Expat Possibilities

As much as I fantasize about spending a year … or two … or three in France, I know with some certainty that I would lose my mind if I were able to make this dream come true.
The bureaucracy is the lament of every expat in France, particularly the Americans.
But that could be because as Americans we don’t usually pick up our lives and start again in a different country with a different culture and a different (mon dieu) language.
We just don’t do that!
Part of the joy of my now regular sojourns to Paris is living like a local for a very brief period. I can pay an exorbitant fee for a vacation rental because, hey, its a vacation.
I don’t have to consider the hows of managing a life there. I can take in all the good I can stand and leave the bad behind. I can be unaffected by transit strikes, protests, elections andI can walk around as the happily anonymous American.
That’s all I really want.

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