My Self…Forever

Some people are meant to be part of a group or at the very least (or most), paired up.

I am obsessed with the concept of aloneness. I love, love, love being alone.

Of course, for me, aloneness is more than a concept. 
Much more.

I wish I knew why I enjoy being alone as much as I do. But, as I type this, something has occurred to me.
I am not alone.
I am with my thoughts, my spirit, my dreams.
I am with my self.
I am with the one who has known me always.
I am with the one who does not second guess me, gossip about me, lie to me,force me to listen to  repetitive relationship issues or complain to me about the numbers on the scale. She does not take private conversations and throw them back in my face.
She isn’t looking for a chance to cut me down. She is there to cheer me on, she basks in my successes and sees nothing but delayed success in my failures.
She tells me the truth…always.
She allows me to think, be and do.
She is my best friend.

 Jardin Tuilleries with my self (photo credit Xiomara Lüthy)

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