The Buffet Is Closed

During the final quarter of 2014 I committed a dietary sin every day of the week. 

1.  my cheese addiction took hold of me
2.  potato chips were my best friend 
3.  I fell off my daily juicing habit
4.  Mexican takeout
5.  Thai takeout
6.  Chinese takeout
7.  chocolate, chocolate, chocolate

The bright side is that my diet was exemplary the first three quarters of 2014. I think that means I can give myself a pat on the back.
While I don’t make weight related resolutions, I do like making lifestyle resolutions. 
So here goes…
I am going to get back on the juicing train, say au revoir to the chips and prepare more meals at home. 
The juicing is easy, preparing meals at home just takes a little planning, but keeping my hand out of a bag of Lays potato chips might require a straight jacket.
The image if Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues comes to mind.

Thankfully, I’m a good cook, but I’m busy, busy, busy. 
I’ve gotten off to a good start with a roast chicken with veggies and herb-roasted potatoes.
Simple & delicious.

as good as it looks

better than chips

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