When Wrong Is Right

A rose by any other name smells as sweet.
Turning lemons into lemonade.
What about cake into bread?

My neighbor brought me a piece of cake that was prepared by her niece for a friend’s birthday. She offered it with a caveat – I need to have it with coffee or tea because the cake is dry. My neighbor’s niece is quite the baker but somehow forgot to put oil in the batter. The cake was headed for the trash bin when my neighbor, a woman past a certain age who remembers wartime rationing, decided it was worthy of a taste.
So here I sit with this offering.
After a minute in the toaster oven and a smear of organic mango confiture I picked up at the organic farmers’ market on rue Raspail, I dig in.
Oh my!
The Goodness!
I wish I could ruin a cake and have it taste like this.
The perfect bread-cake.
With the texture and density of cornbread and the taste of a vanilla cupcake, I can’t think of a better way to end my day.
Now what will I eat tomorrow?

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