Rusty Hinges

Lately I have been part of the ‘feeling over-worked and under-appreciated’ club. I don’t actually know that I’m under-appreciated but I am definitely over-worked.
Career stress has up-ended my life. I have not been taking care of myself and I’m suffering the physical repercussions…pain, pain and more pain.
Severe knee pain over the past few months has made me feel old and broken down.
But its my own fault. I allowed myself to slip considerably from my raw food and juicing regimen.
 Of course, I’ll find out from my doctor exactly how bad my knees are. But what I’ve learned in the three short days since getting back on track is I brought the pain on myself.
I have been pain-free for two days. Yesterday I was able to stand from a sitting position without clutching something for support. I walked down flights of stairs without the feeling my knees were going to give out.
Today I don’t feel like a broken down wagon and I’m grateful. I’m grateful because I don’t want to be old before my time and I know now I can be youthful indefinitely. I just have to remember to take responsibility.
It’s clear to me that my body is inflammation prone. Since beginning my raw regimen nearly two years ago, my body has become more sensitive.
My body has responded negatively to my recent consumption of sugar, dairy, and processed foods. It’s not like I was eating enough to gain a ton of weight and I was still getting some raw juice but the body knows what’s what.
Physically, I look good. I haven’t gained weight but my joints have been sending me a message.
My joints have been telling me to get my shit together.
Like I said, I’ll get medical advice about what my joints are up to.
But I don’t want to spend my life managing afflictions by ingesting handfuls of pharmaceuticals. I don’t want to spend my time running between doctor appointments. I refuse to do that.
So yeah, I’ve gotten my shit together.

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