Sweet Sixteen?


I travelled a dark and rocky road in 2015 and I have no idea what approaches in the new year. All I know is I somehow managed to survive 2015. To be honest, it was hell.

But I made it through and I am thankful for that. I don’t recall ever having a year filled with as much turmoil, struggle, rejection and pain as 2015.

When difficult times occur, it’s good to have a support system that is firm and true. It’s good to know who will be there when I call. It’s even better to know who will call just when I need them. It turns out my support system is very, very small.

Those that I once held near and dear are now part of the past and I no longer wish to revisit those relationships.

Comfort came from where I least expected it, for the most part. It doesn’t matter, I was glad to grab hold.

To those who availed me of their comfort and counsel,  I say, Thank You.

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