Something Sacred

At home: tea for one

Someone recently referred to me as a foodie. While I don’t consider the reference a total insult, I must say it doesn’t actually describe my relationship with food.

As far as I’m concerned, the word better describes the person who is always on the hunt for the latest food trends and will try anything once. This person also happens to over use the word amazing as a descriptive term. For example: Last night I had the most amazing sushi.

I am not that person. I enjoy good food served in a pleasant environment. I won’t rush a meal, sorry; I need to sit and enjoy. For me, it’s the simplicity and the grace. The time taken to chop the vegetables, warm a plate, steep the tea.

Truth be told, the majority of my meals are eaten alone at home. I often find dining out with friends too distracting. I feel pressure to participate in dinner conversation rather than relish the contents of the plate in front of me. Not to mention the annoyance of someone always proclaiming that they are being bad by having carbs. Really??!!

Dining is an act that demands reverence, particularly when at home. When I make coffee at home, it’s with a french press. And my tea? Mariage Freres, of course. I bring a supply back from Paris every trip and I am currently running woefully low. I could order it online but it’s not the same. I need to be at Mariage Freres tea salon where I can open canisters and have a whiff.


Mariage Freres: Place de la Madeleine






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