It’s the simple things that have the greatest impact. Breakfast is a simple thing that you do not want to get wrong. It’s a form of meditation that sets the tone for the day. It is my belief that the civilized world would actually be civilized, if people knew how to start the day.

There is something inherently wrong with jumping out of bed, reading emails, getting into a shower, dressing and rushing out to Starbucks for a twelve ounce latte. I need a little romance in the morning. What is the point of all that rushing around if all I am going to consume is an unremarkable coffee accompanied by a dry pastry.

I like to dawdle in the morning. I like to putter around a bit and contemplate the day. I like to stretch, breathe and perhaps listen to that soft zen music from yoga class. I need a meal either at home or in a cafe that brings me into the world. I need my day to start with something that says “I love you”.

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