Nothing doing

The best thing about being of a certain age is that I don’t care anymore. Or as it can be more correctly stated, I care more about things that truly matter. When I was younger I wanted to make a success, have nice things and live well.

At this stage of life I’ve learned a few things. Having nice things is not necessarily related to living well and success can be shockingly fleeting. Today you’re on top and everyone is singing your praises, tomorrow no one knows you exist. Your superiors at work who once thought you brought a fresh vision, now state that you are no longer an ideal fit for your position.

I was always aware of how my actions could impact my family and friends. I always wanted, for this reason, to set a good example, be someone that my family could be proud of. When things didn’t go my way, I came back harder and more determined; I dug in. I was going to make it no matter what. I was going to prove myself better than the rest. Even in defeat I was victorious. No one bounced back faster after a knock down than I.

But now, I really don’t care. All things are out of my control and I am not willing to spend the rest of my life trying to reclaim past glories. Looking for recognition for what I once did that everyone thought was so great. I’m no longer interested in a piece of the pie. I’ve put the brakes on and I am prepared to watch the parade of corporate narcissism from the sideline. Time to get off the merry-go-round and notice my surroundings. Now is time to live my life using all that I put on the back burner.

What will I do first? Nothing.


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