Mood: lumière



I sometimes forget that I am one of the fortunate. As often as I lament my stressful days laden with responsibilities that grate on me; I must remember the darker alternatives. Of course, there are brighter alternatives but then I could be accused of having a sense of entitlement (a trait I despise in others).

It finally occurred to me that all I really want is to know and feel that someone cares. I’ve reached the point of exhaustion when it comes to listening to everyone else’s troubles. To feel that I have no true allies has been exhausting. I have cheerleaders, I know. However, their strength lies in victory rather than defeat. Lately, I have been feeling defeat.

Who will pick me up when I fall? These past months, I have been falling and those I am in contact with daily seemed to be hastening my velocity.

I need a break and until the moment that  much-deserved respite arrives, I need to look toward the light. Much easier said than done, I know; but finally, I see a break in the clouds and I can once again appreciate the beauty that surrounds me, the strength that is in me and the light that guides me.


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