La vie en rose


To say that I am enjoying my sabbatical would be an understatement. I don’t know where my next dollar is coming from and I have no idea where I’m headed, yet I am happy. There is something to be said for taking a moment to reset. It is a luxury to be able to rise, stretch, look about and do nothing.

Not yet two weeks since leaving my job and I’ve forgotten that I was once part of a world of shrieking, entitled, know-nothings that threatened me daily with their imagined power over me. How did I manage to take it for as long as I did?

It was hot as blazes in the cesspool of egos, insecurities and bullshit that I travailed daily. When the need for peace of mind outpaces the need of a paycheck, a corner has been turned. Of course, the need of a paycheck is around the next corner but I’ll deal with that later.

To say ‘take this job and shove it’ one week and find myself actually living life the next, has been a blessing. To be able to spend a scorching Los Angeles morning at the farmers market with a friend and not be tied in knots because of a work issue has been a joy.  True, I am not in my beloved Paris with my nose pressed up against a cheese shop window and my ability to stretch dollars is paramount. That said, I am taking to this life of leisure like a duck to water and I plan to enjoy every moment while it lasts.




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