I’ve had a summer unlike any experienced in many years and I am so thankful for it. To spend time in isolation with only the occasional interaction with others not of the canine variety has been a blessing that I will not attempt to describe.

There is so much happening in the world that leans toward the negative. I’m not in the frame of mind to give it my energy. The awareness I now have of just how brief my time on this plane is, has made me very protective of my space.

Walking away from a regular job and a regular salary has opened me up to the possibility that maybe I really am meant for something more. What does one do when a foundation years in the making turns to dust. Do I rebuild my life to duplicate where and what I once was or do I strive for something new, in both purpose and direction. The hardest part is this is a path I must walk alone. There is no one to hang on to and no one to save me.

There are signs of life, a new life, all around me. Every day the universe tells me I’m on the right path. Finally. Every day I resist the urge to travel the path already taken with it’s illusions of stability and pointless conversations.

I have a new focus.




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