Solo Apéro

Am I the only person who enjoys apéro at home alone?

It has been firmly established by me that I love solo dining. Notice I said dining, not eating. Whether I am home alone or in a restaurant, the consumption of food is considered dining. Why is that? That’s because I don’t eat out of a plastic container, in front of the t.v  or standing over the kitchen sink.

When I am home alone I like a presentation, no matter how small. It makes a difference in the speed and amount I eat. It’s also a loving gesture to myself. Someone said I was a food snob. Wrong!! I respect food so much that I give it all of my attention.

It is the ultimate disrespect to mindlessly shove foodstuff into the pie hole without a little bit of ceremony and to me presentation is part of the ceremony.

There ought to be a law. No consumption, without presentation.

All those in favor say, oui.

a bit of this and a bit of that
bío confiture from Raspail organic market – Paris

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