Now is the perfect time for me to admit that I have found this election cycle both maddening and exhilarating. Why it has been maddening is obvious.

But exhilarating?

It has been interesting, from a strictly psychological standpoint, to watch the crazy in America come out in the light of day. It is very important for us to be reminded in our lifetimes exactly what racism, misogyny, anti-semitism, islamophobia and homophobia look like.

To see it all coming full force out of the foaming mouths of people who otherwise would be considered just good average hard-working Americans. To for once not to have my well-meaning friends poo-poo my notions of latent prejudices. Is it really possible that they are all suddenly up in arms over issues I have been harping on for the past twenty years?

The shock they exhibit when they ask what this country has come to. To all this I say welcome to my world. VOTE.

As stressful as this election cycle has been, I am hopeful as always that we will not grant victory to the politics of fear and hate.





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