Blinders Off


I have been on pause while almost everyone in my general circle has been up in arms.

One of the most difficult aspects of my life right now is admitting that I don’t know nearly as much as I thought.

One of the easiest aspects of my life right now is admitting that I do not care.

I have turned off the noise and allowed myself to be blissfully unaware of whatever current U.S. administration questionable act is in the news. I have chosen to dip my toe ever slowly into the water.

I have a neighbor who is on top of every report that comes across cable news (as I once was) and reads every op-ed by left and right leaning politicos (as I once did). Every time I see her she looks as if she’s about to stick her head in an oven. She’s devastated…just devastated. And she’s mad as hell.

Another neighbor has taken to re-posting so many anti-Tang man articles and memes that I have turned off my Facebook alerts.

Here’s the thing, I am somewhat amused by the utter shock that has been the emotional state of some of my liberal friends. I’m not speaking of the one’s who voted for the Orange Crush but won’t admit it. I don’t ask and they don’t tell. Because I don’t care. Not right now.

It is they who have had the blinders ripped from their eyes. I may not like where things are right now but I knew this is where we were headed. What can be expected of a country that worships at the alter of reality TV celebrities, memes, and hashtags.

As for myself, I am slowly coming off pause.

Sometimes reality really does bite.


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