Ok, Ladurée


I have never been one to worship at the alter of Ladurée. Every person I know who has been to Paris gets misty-eyed when they remember the macarons they enjoyed. Personally, I’ve always been partial to Dalloyau. I don’t know what it is, possibly the texture of the precious cookies offered.


Now Ladurée is on this side of the Atlantic with two locations in NewYork and two in Los Angeles. I live sandwiched between the Los Angeles locations. If I were more of a sensuous sweet person, I would be found at either location any day of the week. Fortunately, I’m more about the savory and will drive miles for a perfect French meal. I’ll drive miles for any meal as long as the preparation and ambiance are in tune with my constitution.


Back to Ladurée.

The decor is beautiful, elegant and as in Paris, the waitstaff makes no effort to hasten a patrons departure.

A most wonderful day spent in recent months was with a dear friend who came to town. We walked a little, shopped a little, then settled into our seats at Ladurée at The Grove. We talked and we laughed and enjoyed our sisterhood over cappuccinos and sweet treats. It was a perfect afternoon.

When she returns, we’ll surely do it again because in contrast to my solitary tea ritual, Ladurée (like friendship) is an experience to be shared.


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