Simple Little Life


I know everything is relative and what I call simplicity could be considered someone else’s extravagance.

I know what it’s like to work hard, pinch pennies and still not be able to pay the bills. I also know what it’s like to work hard and have surplus after all bills have been paid. I definitely sleep better when my situation is the latter because a bowl of popcorn for dinner is a matter of economics not lack of culinary skill or vanity.

All of this is to say that I really don’t need much to be happy and that in itself, makes me happy!

This has been an emotionally trying year. I won’t go into detail because I never do. No need for all that.

What I will say is that this year has pulled me, kicking and screaming, into reality. My trip to reality has awakened the dreamer in me. I am happiest in my dreams and would remain there if it were possible. In my dreams where I have even more time to dream.

In the current social media world order where trolls are apt to say someone has no relevance, mine is not a big life. Not a big life, at all.

But it is my life and it is coming into focus now. I am beginning to understand…finally. All of the scenes are coming together and the plot is revealing itself.

I dream of life. My life.

This small-scale existence is proving to be part of something big and all I do now is look for signs and welcome the plot twists.

No matter how small the shadow I cast, I am significant and I am thankful for the simple complexity of the life I live.

I have sufficient and I am full.


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