Life Bittersweet


Embrace life

E m b r a ce  L i f e


Whichever way I look at it, it’s still the same.




I suppose in order to embrace life one must recognize life for what it is. It’s easy to embrace something attractive. But, how do you embrace something ugly as hell with warts on it? How do we learn to not just take the good with the bad, but recognize the good in the bad?

I had a conversation with someone who has been going through some challenges recently. Nothing earth-shattering, but experiences that have shaken her faith in her fellow man. At one point she said, ‘I shouldn’t have to go through this. I’m a good person’. I thought a little perspective would help so I told her that far better people have been through much worse.

I didn’t mean to sound callous and unsympathetic. I empathize and understand it all too well. I once lived in that place where the greatest pity I received came from me. Who did me wrong, what they said, what they did and how I deserved better. The recording of my painful experiences played in my head on a never-ending loop. Each time it played, it got bigger and stronger while I got smaller and weaker.

Being a good person who does good deeds and has good thoughts does not excuse anyone from the downside of life.

The pitfalls

The shits

There is no way around it. We all have to deal with the stuff of life and sometimes it’s just a hot mess. Every crap experience has taken me on an emotional journey I would never have volunteered for. No way and no how.

Yet, every one of those crap experiences has been part of a greater journey. Every one of those crap experiences has mattered in a way greater than I could have dreamed. Being a person who abhors change, it’s ironic that I’ve begun to find this exhilarating.

Because I know from experience that there is no down without up and no bad without good. To remain conscious as I experience life is a decision I have made only recently and I’ve since reaped nothing but reward.

It took a long time but I get it.


Into each life, some rain must fall and I am happy to take the bitter with the sweet.

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