Urban Beverly Hills

Not the ordinary tuna sandwich.No real need for words but let me say, you can’t go wrong where it involves a mini brioche. URBAN FRESH9679 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, Ca 90212310.275.4440

This Could Be Mayberry

Last week I took a few days to visit my brother in Pennsylvania. That I chose to visit during a heat wave speaks volumes.He lives in what can only be described as a beautifully rustic picture postcard. I visited my favorite barn just up the road and contemplated making a move. How nice would it be to…

…And How Was Your Day?

 my new best friend    pecan waffle with banana slices    a little atmosphere  If you should happen to find yourself in Los Angeles with a hankering for a crepe or waffle, head to the French Crepe Company at the Farmers’ Market on 3rd Street. You won’t be sorry.

I Almost Forgot

I almost committed a grande faux pas while in NYC last week. After my final meeting I almost headed back to my hotel for a cocktail with friends when I forgot that there was a pilgrimage still to be made. The one place in NYC where people were patient while waiting in line (in trainers and jeans or in…

Something Different

Is broccoli really broccoli when it’s this pretty? I mean, really! I need to find out how best to prepare this.  I’m thinking it would make perfect dining on St Patrick’s Day. I know, its not cabbage; but there’s something about the color…mmm.Just a thought.

Place: Le Pain Quotidien

It doesn’t matter that lunch was in Beverly Hills, it felt like Provence! chilled gazpacho black bean hummus tartine mint lemonade

Keep It Simple

I think I gave friends the wrong impression when I informed them that I was determined to drop some weight. I say this because they seem to think I meant I was willing to live on green leaves, nuts and berries. Needless to say, that was never my intention. I still believe in a hearty…

Doggie Heaven?

When it comes to les chiens, Angelenos go all out. I wonder if this kind of thing could be big in Paris. I don’t imagine so; the french are too practical, I think. I can not imagine them going to a doggie bakery or doggie boutiques. But, I could be wrong.Luna loves this bakery. Unfortunately…