Couples Therapy

My Luna could never be this relaxed near a plate of food.

Market Day…L.A. (pt.1)

I have it from reliable sources that Paris has had a not so fantastic summer, on the weather front. It has been tres mal as they say. This knowledge has filled me with more than my usual bit of arrogance as I spend yet another day in the glorious Los Angeles sunshine. I’ve not counted,…

Paris Blues

It’s a lazy Sunday and yes, it’s true; I’d rather be in Paris. I can not help it; I’ve got the Paris blues.Although, right now Paris is a hot, sticky mess. It’s the kind of hot that chased me out of New York. So I’ll settle for where I am: Los Angeles. The sun is…

Feels Like Home

I find it funny and at the same time entirely appropriate that a New Yorker who lives in Los Angeles would find herself in the perfect Paris spot for a hamburger. Woman does not live by fois gras alone. Yuppies Cafe

Only In L.A.

A trip to the dog groomer led to a potentially glorious find. On what was a most beautiful Los Angeles day, I stumbled upon something I never knew existed. The trouble with life in this city is that you are constantly driving by something without noticing it. Today I was rewarded for cruising down Santa Monica…