The Good Life

A famous song lamented the onset of a down mood on rainy days and mondays. But what of sunny days and sundays? When life is good, life is good!

Couples Therapy

My Luna could never be this relaxed near a plate of food.

Morning Glory

Just a couple of weeks ago the weather had cooled and I was forced to pull my lined trench from the back of the closet.But Los Angeles is such a fickle place. I took Luna for her morning walk at 8:30 and the sun was ablaze. It was the most glorious November morning I can…

Doggie Heaven?

When it comes to les chiens, Angelenos go all out. I wonder if this kind of thing could be big in Paris. I don’t imagine so; the french are too practical, I think. I can not imagine them going to a doggie bakery or doggie boutiques. But, I could be wrong.Luna loves this bakery. Unfortunately…