It seems singles, couples, parents and assorted others have the same or similar issues when it comes to eating at home. They are either too busy to cook or simply hate to cook. They have amazingly high tech kitchens that get no play (except the microwave). I live in a building of singles and child-less…

When Wrong Is Right

A rose by any other name smells as sweet.Turning lemons into lemonade.What about cake into bread? My neighbor brought me a piece of cake that was prepared by her niece for a friend’s birthday. She offered it with a caveat – I need to have it with coffee or tea because the cake is dry….

No Pie?

Thanksgiving is about family, friends and food. The three Fs, if you will.There is always some sort of fowl; be it turkey or duck or both.There is often meat such as ham and roast beef.And what of dessert?Apple pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie.My sweet tooth took hold of me this Thanksgiving and pointed me in…

My First Quiche

Even if it is nothing more than a scrambled egg pie, I have tasted enough sub-par quiches to know that simple things must be mastered, too.Thankfully I managed not to ruin my first quiche.

Who Needs Cheese

I have a new gastronomic obsession.I never thought I would live to see the day but something has become as dear to me as the beloved curd.Salsa.I am unable to go a day without it.So good.So fresh.So hot.….and oh so spicy.The best part is I can whip up a big bowlful of salsa in a…


I am still on the path of healthy eating.But I am overcome by memories of all that I have consumed in recent weeks.Dear God, how ever will I make it to the New Year?

No Excess

The world over, the best meals by the best chefs are prepared simply and with restraint.How I love it when I pull off that trick at home.

Say Uncle

Some urges are not to be resisted. When a Diablo Burrito with shrimp calls my name, I answer.

Breakfast Is Served

The Problem: Where to have breakfast in Paris The Solution: CLAUS 14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Helpful Tip: Call ahead for a reservation. Silly me, I didn’t think this quaint spot in the 1st arrondissement would be busy at 10 am; I was wrong. But lucky me, Claus, the owner sat me at the giant…

Good To Go

Gourmet food trucks are all the rage in Paris. The first truck made its debut 3 years ago. A bit of Americana is a hit in the City of Lights and I promised myself I would partake of the offerings last year but it didn’t happen. I didn’t see a food truck the whole 2…