Head Trip

Right now all I want is to get out of my own head. I want the voices to be silent…or at the very least, tone it down, a bit.I moved to Los Angeles 13 years ago today. I have no idea where the years have gone. Looking back, it was a move made in desperation that has…

When The Night Calls

Some things really are more beautiful at night. I’m not one to run the streets at all hours of the night; but Paris is different. She does beckon. And while taking a few safety precautions, I am happy to answer her call.

A Little Night Music

It never fails; I always have the best time when I’ve made the least effort. Tonight was no different when I decided to take in a live jazz performance just steps from my door. It was the perfect end to a perfect day and the best thing is it was free.

Let There Be Light

Paris can be either sunny or gray; but at night she glows. In a strange way Paris is a metaphor for me. My personality characteristics are as varied as my favorite city and this similarity has only recently become apparent to me. Yes, I do glow at night but it’s not what you might think. I don’t…

Got A Light?

We all have our vises; its part of being human. One vice I have always been proud not to call my own is that of smoking. I am not a smoker and never have been. We all know about the negative affects of a life spent smoking but I’m starting to think I’m missing out…