Paris Oz

What if the Tin Man were gold…and lived in Paris?

Perchance To Dream

Paris is my waking dream. So much so that I don’t recall dreaming a single night I have slept there. I know I must have had a dream at some point but don’t ask when or what. It seems I dream so much of Paris when not there that I have no need for dreams…

When The Night Calls

Some things really are more beautiful at night. I’m not one to run the streets at all hours of the night; but Paris is different. She does beckon. And while taking a few safety precautions, I am happy to answer her call.

Breakfast Is Served

The Problem: Where to have breakfast in Paris The Solution: CLAUS 14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Helpful Tip: Call ahead for a reservation. Silly me, I didn’t think this quaint spot in the 1st arrondissement would be busy at 10 am; I was wrong. But lucky me, Claus, the owner sat me at the giant…

Fine Dining?

Paris. A city famous for its bistros, patisseries and brasseries.With all this just steps away, why did I find such joy in microwave pizza, frozen dessert and BBC international? Must have been the wine.


The universe is telling me that the time for a course change is quickly approaching. I better buckle up.

A Place To Be

When you find a moment to be quiet and just be…

Orange Crush

 An overcast Paris day is saved with a pop of my new favorite color.