Sweet Irony

More meetings, more food, and more fun. I think my week in New York has been a culinary test of my willpower.A test I gladly failed. After a week of breads, wines, desserts, and more, I had to ask myself…. ….why the sugar substitute in my coffee? I mean really, what’s the point. I did…

Stop The Madness?

Whatever happened to Susan Powter? Who is Susan Powter, you ask? Susan Powter was the fitness guru of the 1990’s. She had a platinum mohawk and there was no where to hide from one of her infomercials.Her personal story was all about her life as a couch potato. One day she miraculously saw the light…

Something Different

Is broccoli really broccoli when it’s this pretty? I mean, really! I need to find out how best to prepare this.  I’m thinking it would make perfect dining on St Patrick’s Day. I know, its not cabbage; but there’s something about the color…mmm.Just a thought.

Place: Le Pain Quotidien

It doesn’t matter that lunch was in Beverly Hills, it felt like Provence! chilled gazpacho black bean hummus tartine mint lemonade

Keep It Simple

I think I gave friends the wrong impression when I informed them that I was determined to drop some weight. I say this because they seem to think I meant I was willing to live on green leaves, nuts and berries. Needless to say, that was never my intention. I still believe in a hearty…