Forward March

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. photo credit: Xiomara Lüthy

Art Walk

Mona Lisa not withstanding, usually the lines into the Louvre are just a tad long for me. But the best thing about going to the Louvre, or any Paris museum, can be the artists you come across on the street.

Art Al Fresco

 Peek-a-boo in L.A   Nap time in L.A   Lanvin NYC 

What A Relief!!

I have a phobia when it comes to public toilets. But I must say, Paris makes it a freight-free experience.

Fashion Meets Style

The most interesting thing to me about Paris is its contradiction. The people are passionate about everything but care about nothing. How I love that! The idea that one can argue an issue to the point of exhaustion; then sit for a glass of wine.Paris is the fashion capital of the world; yet everyone seems…