Fast food

In case it needs to be restated, I’m a food snob. Not in the chichi, four-course, Michelin starred sense. I just like a good, well-prepared meal that satisfies. It doesn’t have to be a lot of food (usually it’s just a few bites). It just has to be good. Really good. No matter how simple….

A Little Night Music

It never fails; I always have the best time when I’ve made the least effort. Tonight was no different when I decided to take in a live jazz performance just steps from my door. It was the perfect end to a perfect day and the best thing is it was free.

Market Day…L.A. (pt.1)

I have it from reliable sources that Paris has had a not so fantastic summer, on the weather front. It has been tres mal as they say. This knowledge has filled me with more than my usual bit of arrogance as I spend yet another day in the glorious Los Angeles sunshine. I’ve not counted,…


For most people, Easter is about rebirth and it’s no different for me. The only difference is its my own rebirth that occupies my mind. My resurrection began last month during my long delayed return trip to Paris. I was determined to get back to Paris even if I had to do it in a…