Many Happy Returns

Happy me-day as I like to say. I know it sounds self centered but, I don’t care.

The lead up to this birthday was kind of difficult for a number of reasons but it turned out to be a wonderful day. I received a pretty floral arrangement from a dear friend who is currently in Paris (jealous sigh).
Every few years there is some sort of change in my life and relationships in the weeks prior to my birthday. This has been one of those years.

Friendships are truly funny. You never know when a casual relationship becomes a bond. At the same time I wonder when it is that a tight friendship, a sisterhood, becomes toxic. When do we begin to not appreciate the characteristics that drew us together? I don’t know and I’m past the stage of lamentation.
What I’ve been fortunate enough to learn over the past few years is to leave the past in the past. 
Some friendships are not meant to last a lifetime. What is lasting is the lessons learned and the wisdom gained from those alliances. If the partnership sours, take what was good from it and move on.

This has been a year of enlightenment for me. I hope and pray for strength and wisdom as I move forward…and I wish the same to all my friends; past, present, and future.

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