Go Fish

I was something of an anomaly among my friends when I was growing up. They loved going to McDonald’s for lunch everyday. It was Big Macs and Quarter Pounders with cheese. I would accompany them, but I only ate fries and the little apple pie that came in a little cardboard box.
 I was raised on a steady diet of fresh fish; fried, broiled, or grilled. I recall choking on a fish bone when I was very young. After that my mother had to prove to me that she’d picked out every bone in my portion before I would sit down to a fish dinner.
Our dinners were always very basic; nothing fancy. No attention was paid to presentation. All that mattered was that the food tasted good…and it did.
But, then I grew up and discovered presentation …. and Paris. Which reminds me, I must make a point of visiting McCafe when I return to Paris. I’m certain les frites are delish.

Haddock at Honore in the 16eme

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